Step 1

Buy a candle and incense.
And light those and offer.


Step 2

Put the offertory in the box.

Step 3

Ring a bell.

Step 4

Join your palms and pray.
(you don't need crap hands)





Goma(holy fire) is the most mysterious prayer of Mikkyo(esoteric Buddhism).

An ascetic (monk) burns a worldly passions out in front of the fire with deep meditation, and prays for living thing's happiness and peace.

After Kobo-Daishi(Kukai) handed Goma down to Japan, it has been introduced from a teacher to a pupil for 1200 years.

We have Goma prayer in Nomiyama-Kannonji every day.

From monday to Saturday --- early morning
Sunday and holiday --- 10:30 am.

You can apply for Goma prayer at a reception desk in a main hall.

Chief priest of Nomiyama-Kannonji burns and prayes this by holy Goma in the next morning.

30 days Goma prayer

20000yen / 30days

You can book 30days Goma prayer.
It is most polite prayer of Goma prayer.

Please tell us your Full Name, address, birth year/day and your wish.

After finished Goma pray we send you a letter named Kanzu( report of Goma prayer) .

Soegomagi Goma prayer (1day prayer)
1000yen / 1day

Please tell us your name, birth year and wish.
We write your wish and name on an wood chip to be burnt for Goma.

Daihannya is the most standard prayer in Nomiyama-Kannonji.
A priest recites a sutra, prayes and makes the incantations and prayers you directly.

You can apply for Daihannya prayer in a main hall every day.

Please come to reception desk at 9:00am to 16:00pm.
After apply, you can enter inside of main hall and pray with monk in front of Budda.

Daihannya prayer

Special Daihannya and Goma prayer 10000yen
Special Daihannya prayer 5000yen
Daihannya prayer 3000yen

We have various kinds of charms in Nomiyama Kannonji.

The most standard charm is MIGAWARI-MAMORI.
This charm will be your scapegoat, and it's defended against an accident and sickness.

Chief priest in this temple pray all charms with dairy Goma prayer.

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