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  Hon-do(The main hall of Nomiyama Kannonji) #16th of Sasaguri 88 temples.
  Nomiyama Kannonji is the special class temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism(Mikkyo).
The head temple of Nomiyama Kannonji is Koyasan Gongobuji stands on Mt Koya.

The principal image is Senju Kannon.
Nomiyama Kannonji called "Nomiyama-san" or "Nomiyama-Kannon" by peaple.


The principal imge is
Kobo Daishi(kukai).


The principal image is
Amida Nyorai(Amitabha Tathagata) .

100 Kannon-do

100 Kannon buddhas in this hall.
Dodantsutsuji(Enkianthus perulatus )is so beautiful in Autumn.

Hokotate Inari Myojin Sha

Small shrine of Hokotate Inari Daimyojin

Tenjin/Awashima Myojin sha
Small Shrine of tenjin and Awashima Daimyojins.

Koya Shisha Myojin Sha

Small Shrine of four Myojins of Mt.Koya.

Tenno-in (main hall of Tenno in)
#36 of Sasaguri 88 temples.
The principal image is Namikiri Fudo

The principal image is Aizen Myooh.

Kodo(Believer hall)

Guest house

Gokuraku ojo-in

Theprincipal image is Enma(Yama)


The Seven Gods of Good Fortune in this hall.

Shoro-do (Big bell hall)

3000 Jizous(buddha statues)

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