Nomiyama kannonji is a temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism stands at Sasaguri town Fukuoka Prif in Japan.

The principal image of budda is "Senju-Kannon" in this temple.
Senju-Kannon relieves people from all worries and trouble with 1000 hands and eyes.
A principal image is a rarely shown statue and the door is opend on October 3rd Sunday.

Nomiyama Kannonji has a temple "Tenno-in" and some halls.

Tenno-in has the biggest temple hall in Sasaguri 88 temples.

The principal image of budda is Namikiri-Fudo.
Namikiri-Fudo has an angry expression on his face and he has sord and rope with back fire.
Namikiri means cut the waves.
Kobo-Daishi(Kukai) prayed Namikiri Fudo on the ship and calmed a storm and a wave down.

Shingon Buddhism is called "Mikkyo"in Japanese.
Mikkyo is often translated as "secret teachings"or "Esoteric Buddhism"

It was handed by Kobo-Daishi(Kukai) down to Japan 1200years ago.
He learned from his teacher Keika.
He was one of the greatest priest in China.
And he was an orthodox successor of Mikkyo.

Sasaguri town has 88 temples.

Peaple go arround these temples with faith and pray.

Nomiyama kannonji is No.16 And Tennoin is No.36 of Sasaguri 88 temples.

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