Peaple say Nomiyama area around Nomiyama Kanonji.
Long time ago, Nomiyama area was abundant and was a beautiful mountain naturally.

For wood supply, people planted a cedar and a Japanese cypress around the Nomiyama area from 70 years ago.
But forestry declines and various problems have happened to these forests.
Many plantation and Takebayashi are left.

Nomiyama Kanonji is maintaining a forest in a precinct.
we maintain this environment that cuckoos cries, wild birds and animals live.

It's our purpose to present a place where nature symbioses to children with a person.


* Floral sacred place

Floral sacred places are a hall, approach and a parking lot.
Everyone can meddle.
A lot of trees are planted by Sakuras, magnolias and maples in this area.

we plant Japanese enkianthus, a rosebay and a hydrangea, make an effort toward maintenance of trees vigor of Sakura trees and a maples and deworm sickness and a harmful insect.




* Woods of study

The cedar you forested, a hinoki and an umbrella pine are a tree of a solemn impression.
But when man doesn't manage a coniferous forest, sunlight doesn't enter, and it'll be the cause earth and sand flow and by which they're a landslide.
We thin these woods rather hard, trim undergrowth and bring up a sound coniferous forest.



* Forest of colored leaves

The autumnal tints are beautiful in Nomiyama Kanonji.
The trees with the beautiful autumnal tints such as the maples, the wild cherry trees and the wax trees are growing naturally.
We protect a broadleaf trees, advance planting focusing on a maples and a wild cherry trees to form a light forest.
This forest shows us a flower, a fresh green, colored leaves in four seasons.
Many wild birds, animals and insects also live in this forest.



* Nomiyama's grove

Old forests are formed by glossy-leaved trees in Kyusyu.
flowers of these trees will be valuable dense sources of a Japanese honeybee.
We protect these trees.
We and plant yews, Konaras and beechs, also.


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